Diplodocus | facts | size


Diplodocus | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Double Beam
Period: Late Jurassic
Family Group : Saropodamorpha
Diet: Plants
Size : 98  feet 30 meter long
Fossil Found: USA 1878
Lived: 161.2 million years ago - 145 million years ago

Diplodocus | facts | size

Diplodocus facst

  • If word sleek could be applied to a sauropod, then that would describe "Diplodocus"
  • Its main body was slightly larger than that of an elephant .
  •  Its great length came from its long neck and tail Diplodocus stood on the edge of a river or lake and used its neck like a vacuum cleaner, its pencil-like teeth raked up soft-fiber plants.
  •  Its food was swallowed whole-sauropods could not chew .
  •  Diplodocus's back legs were longer than its front legs. 
  • It probably reared up onto its hind legs to reach leaves in taller trees or perhaps to scared off predators..

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