Dilophosaurus | facts | size


Dilophosaurus | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Two-crested lizard
Period : Early Jurassic 
Family Group : Theropoda 
Diet : Meat 
Size : 20 feet 6M
Fossil Found: China,USA 1970
Lived: 201.3 million years ago - 182.7 million years ago

Dilophosaurus | facts | size
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Dilophosaurus facts

This early Jurassic theropod was not as tall as Allosaurus but it was faster than most animals alive at the time. Its name comes from the two  large crests on top of its head. Thee bones that made up these crests were paper-thin and light would have passed through them if they were held up to the sun . They were probably used for display only. 
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