Compsognathus | facts | size


Compsognathus | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Elegant  jaw
Period : Late Jurassic
Family Group: Theropoda
Diet : Meat
Size: 3 feet (1M)
Fossil Found: France , Germany 1859

Compsognathus | facts | size

Compsognathus facts

"Compsognathus" was theropod the size of a large turkey and an active predator of small animals . One specimen has a complete lizard inside its stomach -it had been swallowed whole. Its relatively small teeth were adapt to grabbing prey but not to slicing them as bigger theropods teeth were . Compsognathus was found in the same fossil deposit as the first bird , Archaeoptreyx, and the famous pterosaurs Rhamphorhynchus and Pterodactylus . They all lived in a lagoon like area

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