Carnotaurus | ark | facts | size


Carnotaurus | ark | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Meat Eating Bull
Period : Early Cretaceous
Family Group: Theropoda
Diet : Meat
Size : 6 feet (8M)
Fossil Found : Argentina 1985
Lived: 83.6 million years ago - 72.1 million years ago

Carnotaurus | ark | facts | size

"Carnotaurus facts"

  • This small slightly built meat eater was one of the Abelisaurs , a group of theropods common in the southern continents .
  •  It had two outstanding features, the horns above its eyes and its unusual forearms. 
  • It had a narrow skull and it may have been an ambush predator that hunted larger planting eating dinosaurs and small dinosaurs . 
  • its skull was too fragile for combat so it was probably only used for breaking up dead dinosaurs

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