Carcharodontosaurus | facts | size


Carcharodontosaurus | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Shark-tooth lizard
Period : Early Cretaceous
Family Group: Theropoda
Diet: Meat
Size: 43 feet (13M)
Fossil Found: North Africa 1931
Lived: 145 million years ago - 72.1 million years ago


carcharodontosaurus facts

This meat eater lived i Africa about 90 million years ago . It was once though to have been the same size as Tyannosaurus Rex but scientists now know it was smaller. Its skull was not heavy as T'Rex's but its bite was faster and its teeth were sharper and better designed for cutting, "Carcharodontosaurus" probably hunted sauropods more than any those of other theropods were shark like which explains it name

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