Camarasaurus | facts | size


Camarasaurus | facts | size :

Name Meaning : Chambered Lizard
Period : Late Jurassic
Family Group : Sauropodamorpha
diet : Plants
Size : 59 feet (18M)
Fossil Found: USA 1877
Lived: 163.5 million years ago - 93.9 million years ago

Camarasaurus | facts | size

camarasaurus facts

This is the most common sauropod from the late Jurassic of the western United States . It is known from many complete skeletons from every age group and is one of the best known of all the dinosaurs. It was a large plant eater that specialized in eating hard, fibrous vegetation . Its teeth were 6 inches long and were designed to strip branches off trees . It had an expanded nose cavity which could mean it had an excellent sense of smell . It probably traveled in herds. "Camarasaurus" had spoon-shaped cutting teeth but no grinding teeth . However it could reach high into trees to tear away leaves 
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