black mamba facts


black mamba facts:

Scientific Name : Dendroapis Polylepis
Family: Elapidae
Length: Up to 4.5 m
Weight : Up to 2.1 kg
Distribution: Africa

black mamba facts

"black mamba facts"

  • Arguably one of the world's poisonous snakes , The Black Mamba is a highly venomous snake and is the longest species of venomous snake indigenous to African Continent

  • These deadly live in the Savannah and rocky hills of southern and eastern  Africa and their skin color varies from grey to dark brown

  • The Black Mamba have fangs up to 6.4 mm in length located at the front of the maxilla

  • Unlike most mamba species that tend to dwell on trees the Black Mamba prefers lairs in terrestrial habitats in a range of terrains such as savannas , woodlands and in rocky slopes.

  • They hunt during the day time by ambushing predators mainly of small mammals and small birds. With speeds of up to 11 km/h they are considered a very dangerous pursuit predator. Paired with great vision these snakes have few natural predators.

  • When threatened the Black Mamba will open its narrow neck -flap and some time hiss at the threat . Its venom is primarily composed of potent neurotoxins that can cause fast onset of symptoms , making its venom extremely toxic.

  • A single bite  from black mamba can deliver about 110 mg of venom on average and the maximum dose recorded is over 350 mg.

  • The Black Mamba is also the fastest land snake in the world, able to reach speeds in excess of 12 miles per hour (20kph). However it uses this speed to escape danger, rather than catch prey.

  • It is recorded to be capable of striking at a considerable range and delivering a series of bites in rapid succession

  • Although it is famously known for being aggressive it will still usually attempt to flee from humans unless threatened or cornered

  • Before the antivenom was widely available for the Black Mamba snake bite, it was reported that the mortality rate from a bite was nearly 100%

  • If a person is bitten they will usually collapse within 45 minutes or less and without effective antivenom therapy , death typically occurs in 6-15 hours..

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