Beipiaosaurus | facts | size


Beipiaosaurus | facts | size:

Name Meaning: Lizard from Beipiao, China
Period : Late Cretaceous
Family Group: Theropoda
Diet: Meat
Size: 7.3 feet
Fossil found: China 1999
Lived: 130 million years ago - 122.46 million years ago

Beipiaosaurus | facts | size

Beipiaosaurus facts

This dinosaur belonged to the oddest group of dinosaurs the "therizinosaurus". Therizinosaurs were birdlike dinosaurs with long neck, small head and teeth that seemed more suited o eating plants. Beipiaosaurus was the size of a foot ball player . In height and weight it could not fly . some of its bones were fused together to form a structure that birds today use to help them fly we do not know why Beipiaosaurus had this bone structure
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