Baryonyx | facts | size


Baryonyx | facts | size:

Name Meaning: Heavy Claw
Period: Early Cretaceous
Family Group: Theropoda
Diet: Meat
Size : 30 feet (9m)
Fossil found: England 1986
Lived: 145 million years ago - 125 million years ago

Baryonyx | facts | size

Baryonyx facts

This dinosaur lived along the shore line and hunted in the water for fish. It had a long slender neck and a skull shaped like a crocodile's . It probably used its slender snout to snap prey out of the water in the same way crocodile . "Baryonx" had 64 teeth . This was more than most theropods had. Its teeth were not as flat as those of other theropods and were finely serrated . Baryonx had powerful arms and large bands . IT used its hands to hook prey . This first part of the Baryonx to be discovered was its huge claw, which was about 14 inches long.

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