Barosaurus | facts | size


Barosaurus | facts | size:

Name Meanings; Heavy Lizard
Period : Late Jurassic
Family Group: Sauropodamorpha
Diet: Plants
Size : 80 feet (26 M)
Fossil Found: USA 1980
Lived: 161.2 million years ago - 145 million years ago

Barosaurus | facts | size

barosaurus facts

This Jurassic giant has been described as diplodocus-only longer . It is one of the rarest members of the family Diplodocidae. Barosaurs's head was mall and so were its teeth. It ate soft plant material unlike another dinosaur that lived at the same time, Camarasaurus which ate tougher more fibrous plants . Therefore even though barosaurs and Camarasaurs lived side by side they did not compete with each other for food.

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