Bambiraptor | facts | size


Bambiraptor | facts | size:

Name Meaning : Bambi Thief
Period : Late Cretaceous
Family Group : Theropoda
Diet: Meat
Size : 5feet
Fossil Found: USA 2000
Lived: 85.8 million years ago - 70.6 million years ago

Bambiraptor | facts | size

Bambiraptor facts 

What we know about his dinosaur is based on the fossil that was found about 95 % complete . From this one specimen scientists could tell it was young had a relatively large brain , and its forearms could have folded against its body in the way a bird's can. It belonged to a group of feathered dinosaurs-through the fossil had no feathers preserved with it. "Bambirator" could be the fossil of another birdlike dinosaur, Saurornitholestes , but scientists will now know until more fossil can be studied .
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