African Rock Python

African Rock Python:

Scientific Name : Python sebae
Family : Pythonidae
Length : Up to 7.5 m ( 24 ft 7 inch)
Weight : up to 91 kg
 Distribution : Asia & Africa

African Rock Python

African Rock Python facts

  • The African Rock Python is Africa's largest snake and easily one of the largest snakes in the world, with some specimens exceeding lengths of over 7.5m

  • These large snakes can be found in a variety of habitats in moist tropics of Asia and Africa, from forests to near sources of water

  • They have bodies which are thick and covered with coloured blotches often joining up in a broad irregular stripe

  • As well as body markings that vary between brown olive and  chestnut, but fade to white on the underside

  • The head is triangular in shape and is marked on top with a dark brown spear-head outlined in buffy yellow.

  • Although they have many sharp, backwardly curved teeth, like all pythons , the African Rock Python is nonvenomous and kills its prey by constriction.

  • The African Rock Python often eats animals up to the size of an antelope and occasionally even crocodiles

  • Another interesting fact about these egg-laying snakes is that unlike most snakes , the female protects her nest and sometimes even her hatchings

  • Although they rarely kill humans, the "African Rock Python" is widely feared due to its exceptional size, and its ugly temperament

  • With that said, the African Rock Python is not a species that many keepers should choose to maintain

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