Wood Stork | facts | diet


Wood Stork | facts | diet:

"Wood Stork"

Wood Stork

Scientific Name: Mycteria americana

Wing Span : up to 180 cm

Length: up to 115 cm

Weight up to 4.5 kg

wood stork facts

  • The wood stork's head bears much resemblance to that of an ibis due to this it is usually mistaken as one
  • Being a the only stork that presently breeds in north America the Wood Stork is suggested to be able to adapt to a variety of habitats that are in the tropics and have fluctuating water levels.
  • Where as the main habitats are those where it nests over water and those where it is surrounded by water
  • While on the wet season fish make up about half the diet carbs make up about 25% and insects and frogs make up the rest
  • Wood Stork without a nest occasionally try and take over others nests. Such are performed by more than one bird where the young and eggs are thrown out of the nest within about 15 minutes .
  • if only one stork is attending the nest when it is forced out then it will usually wait for its mate to try and take the nest back over
  • It is observed that during the breeding season , wood storks need over 180 kg of fish themselves and their oppspring
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