Toco toucan bird | facts | size


Toco toucan bird | facts | size:

"Toco toucan"

Toco toucan

Scientific Name: Ramphastos Toco

Wing Span: Up to 63 cm

Length: up to 65 cm

Weight: up to 0.88 g

toucan facts

  • Also known as the Comon Toucan, Giant Toucan or simply Toucan , the Toco Toucan is the largest and the  most popular of the toucan family . These birds sports  a striking plumage with a mainly a black body and  white throat
  • While many think that they have a blue iris , these are actually thin blue skin around the eye with the blue skin surrounded by another ring of bare orange skin
  • Its most noticeable feature is its huge yellow orange bill,which can measure from 15.8 to 23 cm in length .
  • Their huge bills may look heavy but as in other toucans it is relatively light because the inside largely is hollow
  • Their long bill is useful for reaching things that otherwise would be out of reach.The Toco Toucan is typically seen in pairs or small groups
  • Toco Toucans can found in semi open habitats throughout a large part of central and western south America and are common attraction in zoos 
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