The Mute Swan


The Mute Swan:

"Mute Swan"

The Mute Swan

Scientific Name: Cygnini

Wing span: Up to 240 cm

Length : up to 170 cm

Weight : up to 14.3 kg

mute swan facts

  • The Mute Swan is an introduced species is an introduced species in North America , Australasia and Southern Africa and is one of the world's largest waterfowl.
  • It got its name from being less vocal compared to others of its species . Their young are called cygnets and grow relatively quickly taking only 3 months to reach adult size after hatching the Mute Swan is considerably one of the most aggressive and territorial bird species on earth . These large birds nest in park ponds , community lakes and other sites frequented by humans , and are tend to be known to defend their nest by fiercely attacking potential predors.
  • Also one of the heaviest birds the Mute Swan in known for hissing and charging any threats it sees that approaches their nest.
  • They attack with their strong big wings pecks and shoves until they feel that the threat is no longer a threat.
  • Some cases in Mute Swan attacks include serious injuries such as eye injuries , bruises and even broken bone 
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