Shoebill | facts| size | attack


Shoebill | facts| size | attack:



Science Name : Balaenicipitidae

Wing Span : up to 152 cm

Length : up to 140 cm

Weight: up to 7 kg

shoebill facts

  • Also known as the whale head or shoe-billed Stork, the Shoe bill is a very large stork-like bird . It has a massive shoe shaped bill hence its name.
  • The Shoe bill's signature feature their huge , bulbous bill with very sharped edges in the mandibles are used to decapitate their prey and also to discard any vegetation after prey has been caught
  • Their feet are exceptionally large with the middle toe reaching up to 19 cm in length , likely assisting the species in its ability to stand on aquatic vegetation while hunting .
  • Shoe bill often look like some sort of a bird statue when they stand very still in swamps while on the hunt for prey
  • Their tall figure coupled with their dull feather colors of brown Greyish plumage certainly make the Shoe bill often seen as one of the world's most evil looking birds

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