Ruppell's Vulture


Ruppell's Vulture:

Ruppell's Vulture

Ruppell's Vulture

Scientific Name: Gyps rueppellii

Wing span : up to 2.6 meters

Length: up to 103 cm

Weight: up to 9 kg

griffon vulture facts

  • The Ruppell's Vulture is named in honor to Eduard Ruppell, a 19th century German explorer collector and zoologist
  • Famously known as the highest flying bird , this large vulture is also known as Ruppell Griffin Vulture .It can fly t an altitude of up to 11300 meters ( 37100 ft) above sea level which is the same height as a coasting commercial airplane!
  • They are relatively slow flying birds cruising at a mere 35 kp/h but are able to fly for long periods of time , for more than 6 hours every day. They are noted to fly far as 150 kilometers from their homes to find food
  • They are at risk to extinction and are on the IUCN Red list with a status of near threatened since the year 2007
  • With only an estimated 30000 left their numbers are predicted to keep on decreasing mainly due to loss of habitat and incidental poisoning

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