peregrine falcon facts


peregrine falcon facts:

Peregrine Falcon

peregrine falcon facts

Scientific Name: "Falco peregrinus"

Wing Span: Up to 120 cm

Length : up to 58 cm

Weight: Up to 1.5 kg

facts about Peregrine Falcon

  • Most commonly known as  the Peregrine it is a large  crow-sized falcon it has a blue grey back barred white underparts and a black head
  • Peregrine Falcons are one of the most widely distributed species on the world
  • The peregrine is renowned for being the fastest animal  kingdom.
  • It is so well know for its speed , as it is able to reach speeds of over 389 km/h (242 mph) during its characteristics hunting stoop ( high speed dive ) .
  • Their long pointed wings help to direct them a they take these power ful dives to kill their prey . smaller birds . Their upper beak is notched near the tip , concluded as an adaption which enables falcons to kill prey by serving the spinal column at the neck.
  • Skydiving at such speeds would damage any animal's breathing mechanism , but not for the Peregrine falcon
  • This is because the Peregrine has evolved a type of nasal covering that diverts the high pressure air from entering and damaging their lungs.
  • The Peregrine falcon is a well respected falcony bird due to its strong hunting ability high train ability and versatility, ranking it one of the top for the bird species.

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