King Bird of Paradise


King Bird of Paradise:

King Bird of Paradise

King Bird of Paradise

Scientific Name: Cicinnurus Regius

Wing Span : up to 180 cm

Length :  up to 16 cm

Weight up to 450 g

king bird of paradise facts

  • The King Bird of Paradise is a passerine bird and is the sole member of the genus Cicinnurus . It is distributed throughout lowland forests of New Guinea and near by islands
  • It is called a living gem because of its unique features .It is not only the smallest but also the most vividly colored among birds of paradise . With males being crimson ad white with bright blue feet and green tipped fan like plumes on his shoulder
  • The two elongated tail wires are decorated with emerald green disk feathers on its tip. However the unadorned females are brown birds with barring below  making such a significant contrast compared to their counterparts
  • During mating season an extraordinary courtship display is performed by the male with a series of tail swinging fluffing of the white abdominal feathers that makes the bird look like a cotton ball and acrobatic movements of their elongated tail wires
  • The King Bird of Paradise is certainly one of the most beautiful birds of its species

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