kakapo bird


kakapo bird:


kakapo bird

Scientific Name: Strigops habroptila

Length : up to 64 cm

weight up to 4 kg

 kakapo facts

  • It is the world's heaviest and only flightless parrot and also called the Owl Parrot or the Night Parrot.
  • It is a species of large , flightless nocturnal ground dwelling parrot that can be found in New Zealand
  • Like many Island predators the Kakapo evolved on New Zealand with no natural predators of its own. Allowing it to be so vulnerable to predation by the predators that modern humans brought with them to the island including cats and ferrets.
  • By the end of the year 2013 there were only an estimated 125 of them in existence making this species one of the world's rarest bird species ever.
  • Although they have very unique feathers their feathers are poorly suites to flight its bone and muscle structure have developed in such a way as to make flight.
  • It is also only one of its species to be nocturnal . Unfortunately the kakapo only breed three times o average each decade . Breeding occurs only when the fruit of the Rimu tree is in relative abundance ,also one of the main reason why there are only so few left.

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