Scientific name: Rhynochetos Jubatus

Wing Span: up to 80 cm

Weight up to 1.2 kg

kagu facts

  • A wild "Kagu" can only be found in New Caledonia , a small island of Australia .
  • Appearance wise , it has pale grey plumage and bright red legs and lives in the dense mountain forests of New Caledonia occupying territories of over 60 acres . It may look like a common average bird, but its family .
  • Its the only bird species that has nasal corns small structures over the nasal openings. Its thoughts that they evolved to prevent dust and other particles from entering the nose , since the Kagu spends so much times rooting around the dirt with its beak its prey
  • The Kagu is almost flightless meaning that it spends its time on or near the ground , where it hunts its prey and builds a nest of sticks on the forest floor
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