Hyacinth Macaws


Hyacinth Macaws:

"Hyacinth Macaws"

Hyacinth Macaws

Scientific Name: Anodorhynvvhus Hyacinthinus

Wing span: up to 85 cm

Length up to 100 cm

weight : up to 1.7 kg

hyacinth macaw facts

  • In the largest flying parrot in the world and native to central an eastern America
  • Also Famous for their striking cobalt blue plumage with bright yellow rings around the eyes they are sometimes also called the Blue Macaw
  • Hyacinth Macaws have very strong beaks for eating the kernels of hard nuts and seeds
  • Their strong beaks are even able to crack coconuts, the large Brazil nut pods even and macadamia nuts
  • With population have been declined in past few years. The Hyacnith Macaw is an endangered species, with less than 4900 Hyacinth Macaws left in the world due to habitat loss cage bird trade and hunting
  • Locally in Brazil it has been hunted for food , and the Kayapo Indians of Gorotire in South-central Brazil use its features to make headdresses and other ornaments
  • While overall greatly reduced in numbers it remains locally common in the Brazilian Pantanal where many ranch owners now protect the macaws on their land

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