Golden Pheasant


Golden Pheasant:

"Golden Pheasant"

Golden Pheasant

Scientific Name: Chrysolophus Pictus

Wing Span: Up to cm

Length : Up to 105 cm

Weight : Up to 0.65 kg

golden pheasant facts

  • Also known as the Chinese Pheasant , the Golden Pheasant is famous for being one of the world's most beautiful birds.

  • The male Golden Peasant is unmistakable with its golden crest and rump and bright rd body.

  • The Deep orange cape can be spread in display appearing as an alternating black and orange fan that covers all of the face except its bright yellow eye with a pinpoint black pupil.

  • The males have a distinctive metallic call in the breeding season On the other hand the female Golden Pheasant sports a duller mottled brown plumage and lays 8 to 12 eggs at a time and will then incubate these for around 22-24 days.

  • Despite the male's attractive and showy appearance Golden Pheasant are very difficult to be seen in their natural habitat which is in dense dark young conifer forests with sparse undergrowth. duw to this very little is known about their behavior in the wild

  • They mainly feed on grain leaves and invertebrates but they roost in trees at night. While Golden Pheasant can fly clumsily in short bursts , they prefer to run and spend most of their time on the ground

  • when startled, Golden Pheasant are known  to suddenly burst upwards at great speeds and with a distinctive wing speed

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