Giant ibis


Giant ibis:

"Giant ibis"

Giant ibis

Scientific Name: Thaumatibis Gigantea

Wing Span: up to 57 cm

Length: up to 105 cm

Weight : up to 4.2 kg

giant ibis facts

  • The Giant IBIS the most endangered and evolutionary distinctive bird in the world . They are lowland birds that occur in the marshes , wide rivers and seasonal water meadows in semi open forests

  • as their name suggest, being the largest of the IBIS species they are some huge birds . Standing at an average of a meter tall and weight over 4 kg , they carry a dusty brown hue across their plumage and exposed skin.

  • Not much is known about their breeding habits and this bird is extremely endangered , ranking as Critically Endangered on IUCN Red list.

  • Although it was still fairly common in the Mekong Delta Until the 1920s, now the species populations is almost depleted with only a small remand population breeding in Cambodia , southern Laos and possibly in Vietnam.

  • Some factors that could contribute to its decline are relentless deforestation , drought and hunting .  The Primary causes seem to be drainage of wetlands for cultivation and the epidemic clear-cutting of forest for rubber , cassava wood pulp 
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