Forest Owlet


Forest Owlet:

Forest Owlet

Forest Owlet

Scientific Name: Athene Blewitti

Wing span: 40 cm

Length up to 23 cm

Weight up to 250 g

"forest owlet facts"

  • The Forest Owlet may look like a docile creature, but this bird wields ridiculously huge talons for its size.

  • They use these huge talons to snare prey animals up to even twice its own Central India , its most distinctive features is its whitish underside and small size.

  • Forest owlets typically hunt from perches where they sit still and wait for prey , When perched, these birds flick their tails from side to side rapidly and more excitedly when prey is being chased.

  • For over 100 years Forest Owlet was considered extinct until it was rediscovered in the year 1997 in Maharashtra by American ornithologist , Pamela Rasmussen .It was then found out that scientific fraud had almost led to the Forest Owlet's extinction.

  • This bird in on the verge of extinction and is deemed a critically endangered species making the Forest Owlet one of the most endangered species of birds today

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