facts about emu


facts about emu:


facts about emu

Scientific Name: Droumaius Novaehollandiae

EMU Wing Span. Up to 20 cm

EMU Length : up to 190 cm

EMU Weight : up to 60 kg

facts about emu

  • The EMU is the 2nd largest flightless living bird by height in the world , after the ostrich EMU are soft feathered, brown flightless birds with long necks and legs that can be found in the savannas, woodlands and other forest ranges of Australia feeding mostly on plants , seeds fruits lizards and other insects.

  • Interestingly emus also swallow pebbles for grilling the food they ate Although flightless emus have vestigial wings and they flap their wings when running , perhaps as a means of stabilizing themselves when moving fast. 

  • Due to their long legs and highly specialized pelvic limb musculature, Emus can ran at sped up to 50km /h and are one of the fastest bird in the world.

  • Emus have good eyes sight and hearing which allows them to detect threats at a distance away Their sharp claws are its major defensive attribute and these are used in combat to inflict wounds on opponents by kicking.

  • The EMU is certainly not a bird you'd want to mess with.

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