Common Ostrich


Common Ostrich:

Common Ostrich

Common Ostrich

Scientific Name: "Struthio Camelus"

Wing Span: Up to 2m

Length : Up to 2.8 m

Weight : up to 158 kg

ostrich facts

  • More Famously known as just the Ostrich , these are distinctive birds in appearance that have a long neck and legs.

  • Reaching a speed at up to about 70 km/h while running the ostrich is the forest land bird in the world , arguably one of the fastest in the whole animal kingdom.

  • The Ostrich is not only the largest living species bird but it also lays the largest eggs of any living bird

  • Although these bid birds might hide themselves by lying flat against the ground or run away when threatened , they are not to be taken lightly .

  • When approached in an enclosed space, it uses its powerful legs to launch a painful kick Human caught in an unfortunate encounter with an ostrich may be disemboweled or battered to death in just a matter of seconds

  • The common ostrich feathers are the ones that are also used as feather dusters In some countries around the world people race each other on the back of ostriches in a sport of sorts
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