Christmas Island Frigatebird

Christmas Island Frigatebird:

Christmas Island Frigatebird

Christmas Island Frigatebird

Scientific Name: Fregata Andrewsi

Wing Span : Up to 230 cm

Length : Up to 100 cm

Weight: Up to 1.6 kg

Christmas island frigatebird facts

  • It is a species of large lightly built seabirds with brownish black plumage long narrow wings and a deeply forked tail.

  • In the wild it can only be found on Christmas Island , a small Australian territory in the Indian Ocean. These birds are particularly threatened by the introduced Yellow Crazy Ant due to the fact that the species eats the Christmas Island crabs alive.

  • The species is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
  • The Christmas Island Frigate bird has a very special strategy if capturing prey . One way is by eating flying fish while they're above the sea's surface , relying on marine predators to drive the fish out of the water .

  •  The second and most interesting way is while in flight the bird steals food that other sea birds and gulls have managed to nab themselves all while air bone.This way of capturing prey earned them the name aerial kleptoparasites .

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