california condor facts


California condor facts:

California Condor

california condor facts

Scientific Name: Gymnogyps Californians

Wing Span: Up to 300 Cm

Length: 140 cm

Weight: Up to 14 kg

California condor facts

  • The "California Condor" has the largest wingspan of any in North America and often mistaken for a small airplane When in flight , their movements are remarkably graceful, After attaining a moderate elevation after take off the California Condor largely glide sometimes going for miles without a single flap of their wings. They are also known to fly up to speed up to 90 km/h, and fly as high as 4600 m.

  • Its one of the world's longest living birds, with lifespans stretching up to six decades in the wild. That is if they can void poaching lead poisoning and endure habitat destruction.

  • They feast primarily on carrion meaning that they are eaters of death and decay. ll living California Condors are descended from just 22 individuals captured in 1987 for a captive breeding program

As of December 2016 there are a mere 446 California Condor living wile and in captivity 
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