Blue Jay | blue jay facts

Blue Jay | blue jay facts:

Blue Jay bird

Blue Jay

Scientific Name: Cyanocitta Cristata

Wing Span: Up to 43 cm

Length: Up to 30 cm

Weight: up to 0.1 kg

"blue jay facts"

  • Blue jay are definitely one of the most intelligent and beautiful birds in the world.
  • They are known for having stunning blue white and black plumage and their noisy jay jay birds calls.This song bird can also imitate the call of other species of birds.
  • The blue Jay mainly feeds on nuts and seeds such as acorns , soft fruits, arthropods and occasionally small vertebrates . They typically gleans food from trees , shrubs and the ground though it sometimes hawks insects from the air.
  • Blue jays are social birds that are often found in small flocks. However during winter during the migration to the south, they form large flocks of hundreds of blue jays. Although some Blue Jays migrate in huge flocks not all blue jays migrate during winter having some birds remaining in their natural territory.
  • Not only are the Blue Jay's appearance absolutely stunning , they are also very intelligent birds. They re known to sometimes steal nestlings and eggs of other birds and mimic the voice of hawks to deceive other birds.
  • According to some, Blue Jays in captivity could even mimic human speech and the voice of other pets meaning that their voice mimicry is not limited to onnly of its species

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