Bengal Florican


Bengal Florican:

"Bengal Florican"

Bengal Florican

Scientific Name: Houbarosis Bengalensis

Wing span: Up to 260 cm

Weight : up to 1.9 kg

Bengal Florican facts

  • Also called the Bengal Bustard , the Bengal Florican is a bustard bird species native to Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • It is native to the grasslands and open forest . Male Bengal  floricans have a black plumage from the head and neck to underparts while females have a buff-brown color . They are normally silent but when distributed utters a metallic chik-chik-chik call.

  • it is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red list as only an estimated 1200 Bengal Floricans are left in the wild.

  • However the Cambodian government has made many efforts in protecting the species by establishing six conservation areas in grasslands and open forests.

  • Awareness programs against poaching has also been worked on all in the efforts to protec the species from extinction

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