bee hummingbird facts


Bee Hummingbird Facts:

Bee Hummingbird

bee hummingbird facts

Scientific Name: "Mellisuga Helenae"

Wing Span : Up to 3.25 cm

Length: Up to 6 cm

Weight: Up to 2.6 g

bee hummingbird facts

  • The Bee Hummingbird is the smallest living bird and is only slightly larger than a bee . Like all humming bird the bee Hummingbird is very swift and strong flier.

  • Unlike other small humming birds which have a slender appearance the Bee Hummingbird looks rounded and chunky . Female bee humming birds only lay two eggs at a time each about the size of an ordinary coffee bean.

  • The brilliant iridescent colors of the Bee Hummingbird's feathers make the bird seem like shiny tiny jewel . Nonetheless, the iridescence is not always noticeable at it depends on the viewing angle.

  • They feed on nectar and sometimes small insects and spiders by moving its tongue rapidly in and out of its mouth.

  • In the process of feeding the bird picks up pollen on its bill and head . When it flies from flower to flower it transfer the pollen. In this way it plays an important role in plant reproduction In one day the Bee Hummingbird may visit about over 1500 flowers
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