Bathynomus | Giant Isopod

Bathynomus | Giant Isopod:

"Giant Isopod"

Scientific Name: Bathynomus ( Genus)

Commonly found: Atlantic and indo pacific ocean

Length: Up to 7-14 inches

giant isopod facts:

Rhee are nearly 22 species of large isopods in the genus Bathynomus and they can be found in cold deep waters of the Atlantic,pacific and Indian oceans . Although they might look like bugs , they're not. Giant Isoposds are actually crustaceans, and are closely related to marine crustaceans, like shrimp and crabs . They dwell in sea depths of between 500-700 ft deep and they burrow into mud or clay floor for shelter this interesting sea creature certainly looks like something from an extraterrestrial .

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