Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie:

Australian Magpie

Australian Magpie

Scientific Name: Gymnothina Tibicen

Wing Span: Up to 85 cm

Length : up to 43 cm

Weight : up yo 350 g

australian magpie facts

  • Male and females sport black and white plumage and are similar in appearance ; only to be distinguished by differences in their back markings.

  • Australian Magpie havens long legs and they are commonly found walking rather than wadding or hopping and spends much of their time on the ground.

  • This song bird is fairly common and has an array of complex vocalizations making it a famous song bird . However , the Australian Magpie is also know to be very aggressive towards those that try approach their nests.

  • They are fearlessly swooping down in pairs to attack intruders wherever they are most vulnerable
  • In some cases cyclist and pedestrians have fallen victim to their talons and huge pointed bill.
  • Attacking mainly th face eyes and head , the Australian Magpie is certainly a species not to mess with.
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