Ankylosaurus | facts| ark | size


Ankylosaurus | facts| ark | size :

Name Meanings: Fused Lizard
Period : Late Cretaceous
Family Group : Ankylosauria
Diet: Plants
Size: 33 feet
Fossil Found: USA. Canada 2006
Lived: 83.5 million years ago - 66 million years age


ankylosaurus facts

The outside of "Ankylosaurus's" skull was covered with armor-just imagine having a bone helmet fused to your skull . The nose passage had up to eight chambers, which may have been used for temperature control or for increasing it sense of smell . Its back had flexible armor platting and the end of its tail had a massive bone club . When it swung its tail had a massive bone club. When it swung its tail from side to side , it was at just the right height to smash a tyrannosaur's knee . It could not out run a meat eater but it was a heavy movable fort that could not be flipped over

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