American Woodcock


American Woodcock:

"American Woodcock"

American Woodcock

Scientific Name: Scolopax Minor

Wing span up to 48cm ( 19 inch)

Length: Upto 30 cm

Weight : Up to 230 g

American Woodcock facts:

  • Sometime American woodcock also referred to a the Timberhoodle , the American wood cock can only fly up to 5 mph, making it the slowest flying bird in the world.

  •  This small chunky shorebird resides in up lands setting and is the only woodcock birds species to inhabit North America American Woodcocks spend more of their time on the ground in brushy , young forest habitats where their brown black and grey plumage provides excellent camouflage

  • Because of the male Woodcock's unique , beautiful courtship flights the is welcomed as a harbinger of spring in northern areas.

  •  The American woodcock is one of the popular game bird with about 550000 killed by over 130000 hunters in the United states every year.

  • Research suggest that the woodcock population has fallen range wide by an average of 1% yearly over the last four decades. However many believe that this declined is cause  by a loss of habitat due to forest maturation and urban development and not due to hunting.

  • Due to the decline the America woodcock is considered a species of greatest conservation need in many states in the united states triggering many efforts in an attempt to boost wood.
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