Acacia Rat

Acacia Rat :

Acacia Rat
Acacia Rat

Countries : Botswana , Democratic republic of the Congo, Ethiopia , Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Somalia, South Africa Switzerland , Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Group: Rodents


When most people think of rats, they picture hordes of rats running down crowded city streets, running into sewers or a hole in the wall or scurrying into gutter but the acacia rat ( thalamus paebulcus) is not your  average rat. it is a tree dwelling rat that lives in the hollows or forks of acacia tree . it is a pretty exotic grey rat with dark fur around its eyes. With a white chin under side and fit. Their bodies is are between four and six inches or 101.6 and 152.4 mm long. And their tails are between five and eight inches or 127 and 203.2 mm long. The average weight of an adult rat is one pound or approximately 453.59 grams. Acacia rats are found in sub tropical or tropical dry shrublands . Such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique , Namibia, south Africa, Swaziland , Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe Botswana, and the democratic republic of the Congo . They live mainly on leaves, woods and gum from the bark of acacia trees as well as barriers, routes and insects . They have many predates such as snakes , birds and wild cat currently. This species is listed as least concern on the IUCN red list of Threatened which means that is widespread and abundant however acacia trees is in southern Africa are being harvested in abundance and many eventually cause the acacia rat endangered status to be raised .

Group name : Colony , horde, pack plague or swarm

Scientific name, Rodent.

Lower Classification: Murrdae

Weigh at birth

0.003 kg (0.0066)

Adult weight

0.08 kg ( 0.176 lb )



Female Matury : 109 days

Interval Between Litters

26 days

Baby Kitten, pup, nestling
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